Choosing the Right Gym Clothes

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Posted on November 28 2019

Choosing the Right Gym Clothes

Buying gym clothes can be a challenging task due to the growing number of gym brands. It’s becoming harder and harder to find something that delivers on everything that’s advertised. Some charge less but for not-so-worth-it products. Getting something that won’t do everything you need it to do while looking your best.

When you buy your gym gear, there’s a couple of things to think about so you find exactly what you need.

We’ve got 10 things you should think about when you get gym clothes. It may seem like a lot but they will make sure that you turn heads and get work done.

1 – Quality

One of the most important concerns is to identify the quality of the gym clothes. While us here at Lift Apparel only stock the highest quality activewear, not everyone does.

You’re going to be using it a lot so knowing how much punishment you leggings and new favourite lifting shoes can take is important. While you probably won’t be able to know the quality before you’ve used them for a while, there are a few things that you can do to get an idea.

  • Do a scrunch test to see how fast the wrinkles go away
  • Stretch the fabric a little and see if it gives easily
  • Check buttons, strings, seams and zippers

If you’re shopping for gym clothes online, you should:

  • Look at the product pictures and features
  • Check the brand reviews

 2 – Performance

Performance is what matters most. It seems obvious, but always try on gym clothes when you’re in the store. How you perform at the gym relies on how well the clothes fit you. Whether it’s too loose or too tight, you will be affected by it.

When you’re shopping online, use the size guide of the brand as sizes can vary between brands. The last thing you want is for your new outfit to finally be delivered only to have to return it and wait again.

3 – Sweat Control

You don’t really want to be a big sweaty mess. Breathable fabrics are everywhere now, not a special feature of top-tier gym clothes anymore. Just like performance fit, you don’t want sweat to slow you down either. Dry fit is a pretty common term used by brands now so make sure it’s for real.

4 – Fabric

The best combination of material is cotton and spandex or polyester. Cotton should be around 80-90% and the polyester or spandex should make up the rest. The lightness of the materials is really important as it will affect heat retention. Custom fabrics are the best of the choices as they are mainly made for gym clothes.

5 – Air Flow

Gym clothes need continuous air flow to keep you cool and dry. Some synthetic fabrics allow much better air flow through the fabric. As we said, cotton mixed with polyester and spandex is your best choice. It will keep you cool and stop that sweat stank from clearing the weight room.

6 – Online Reviews

When in doubt check the reviews out. Going back to our first point, while you can’t know the quality of the product before using it, you can find out what other people think. Do a quick Google search or see if there are any reviews under the product on the website. If you don't find any reviews that tell you anything constructive, maybe rethink what you plan on getting.

7 – Online Presence

Lots of clothing brands have a large online presence. If you’re sceptical, check how many likes and comments their posts get compared to their follower count. If it’s really unbalanced, you can be sure that they’re not genuine. If they are solid, they’ve probably earned such a loyal following.

Another good indication is how well you can navigate their website. If you have a good experience, it’s likely that the brand is great with their products.

8 – Innovation

Several gym clothing brands, particularly in Australia, are dedicated to innovating their products. Every brand wants to have the best sweat control and functionality with the latest synthetic materials and designs. You’ll often find that most smaller brands are releasing a lot of innovative products for better value.

9 – Extra Features

Think about what you’re using your gym clothes for and what the clothing offers you. For instance, if you’re a runner, your sports bras are going to need adequate support, but they may also have a zipped pocket on the back for your phone or house key. It’s best to check what you need and find gym clothes to match.

10 – Stay Stylish

Every brand has its own style just like people. They represent a distinct image and you may gravitate towards one more than another. Get a design that stands out and turns heads. You didn't do all that work for nothing.

Do you need help getting gym clothes that suit your style? Drop by our new Perth stores to gear up for your next session.

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