How to Make a Playlist to Match Your Gym Gear

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Posted on October 17 2019

The perfect playlist is hard to come by. Spotify and Apple Music make some based on what you listen to but they’re not perfect. Sometimes you’re in a certain mood or it just doesn't have a flow to it.

Having your favourite music flow with your workout can make the difference between an awesome workout and an okay one. Your playlist should be slow when you’re going easy and at its most intense when you’re peaking. If you do it right, your workout will go by in a breeze and hopefully make you lift that little bit more.

Aside from making you feel like you have your own personal theme song, your body will naturally sync with the music and give you maximum efficiency when you lift.

It’s proven that being locked into a workout with the right song can make that 30 kg kettlebell feel like a 20.

Here are a few ways you can create a playlist to sound as good as you'll look after visiting Lift Apparel.

1. Set The Pace

Rhythm is important, whether you’re running or lifting you should set your BPM. If you’re doing cardio, take notice of how many impacts or motions you do over a minute. Typically it’s around 150-190 for runners and 80-110 for cyclists.

If you’re lifting, your heart will naturally sync up to the beat so your sweet spot will be around 120-140 BPM. This will keep it nice and energetic without getting into the pace of an endurance runner.

2. Build a library organised by beat

Most music platforms will let you sort songs by BPM. Spotify and Apple Music are the best options to make a playlist on.

There are also apps like RockMyRun, BPM Tap or PaceDJ which can search your library and sort by BPM and speed up or slow down songs to match your rhythm.

RockMyRun also allows you to choose the BPM that you would like and organises songs based on that.

4. Match the mix to your mood

Even the most disciplined people hate going to the gym from time to time. Make a couple of playlists with different genres or moods because sometimes your trusted ‘get-hyped mix’ playlist just isn’t going to work. Keep them for those days you feel less motivated to go sweat.

5. Raise Your Game

Something as simple as a tempo can push you to the next level. When you want to push yourself, make sure that your highest intensity songs are playing, even match a particular part where a song steps it up a notch. It’s been proven that an increase in tempo can subconsciously increase the pace of a workout but also make you feel less fatigued.

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