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Posted on October 09 2019

Australian brands have always found it a bit hard to contend with bigger brands around the world and get their piece of the pie. International brands like Gymshark have exploded out of nowhere and Australia is playing catch up. Luckily, we’ve got a few local brands that are killing it right now in Australia and the rest of the world.

We’ve found some Australian gym wear brands that are blazing their own trail when it comes to looking on point when you hit the gym. The best part is that you know they are made with quality materials and that can take all the punishment you give them in the weight room.

Muscle Nation

Muscle Nation have built their community with a dedicated passion through social media. Founded in 2016 by Nathaniel Anthony and Chris Anastasi, Muscle Nation has grown to be one of the most popular gym wear brands in Australia in a very short period of time.

They have a devotion to producing high-quality activewear in styles that suit bodybuilders and performance athletes. Learn, adapt and evolve is their way of life. Staying relevant in the industry and producing innovative gym wear to make sure you look your best in the gym.

Muscle Nation’s standout gym wear is their women’s leggings.


Ryderwear has exploded over the last 3 years. Created in South Australia in 2009 with the goal of being the ultimate definition of fitness and fashion, Ryderwear is on a mission to dominate the gym industry.

Ryderwear make their clothes to show just how hard you have worked to get your body whether you’re in the gym or on the street. Their gym clothing is designed to fit perfectly around your physique.

Ryderwear has an extensive range of workout clothing and activewear specifically designed for everyone from the hardcore lifter to anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle.

These guys have already gone global with their world-renowned lifting shoes, the D-Maks.


ECHT was founded in 2014 in Jeremy Lay’s bedroom and has quickly become one of the leading fitness clothing brands in Australia. It’s hard to ignore the impact that they have had in the activewear industry.

They live by the motto “Engineered for the Modern Day Athlete” and they follow it. Their gym clothing is performance-ready for any situation from casual wear to hardcore training.

ECHT has grown to distribute to over 50 countries and continues to grow each year.

Other Gym Clothing Brands to Watch

Here are some other Australian gym clothing brands to keep an eye on for the future:

Probably the best thing about these absolute legends is that they all have their own personality. Which makes them better than a lot of other brands out there that follow the same formula with every new release. You can tell that these brands care about the people that wear their clothes and how they can continue to improve. It’s only a matter of time until you see Muscle Nation, Ryderwear and growing brands like Brick City Villin on the world stage.

If you want to turn heads in the gym, you can’t go past these guys.

If you're looking for the best in gym and casual fitness Lift Apparel has you covered. Let us know what your favourite Australian gym wear brands are and drop by our new Perth stores to gear up for your next session.

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